The Grand Andaman Club Visa Run | Koh Tao to Myanmar

Andaman Visa Run:
from start to finish

Are you a backpacker or a digital nomad? Perhaps you’re planning a long break to do your Divemaster Course on the stunning island of Koh Tao?

You’ll probably need to make a visa run at some point!

The Andaman Club Visa Run is a fast, cheap & easy way to renew your visa.

Here’s everything you need to know about this land-based trip to Myanmar!


Initially, I went into Island Travel which is located on the Down Road, between Cafe Del Sol and Pura Vida.


I took my passport along and booked the 2500thb run which leaves Koh Tao on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You depart Koh Tao in the morning, the visa is updated in the afternoon, and you return to Koh Tao on the night boat, arriving the next day.


  • 3 booking slips which you receive from Island Travel in an envelope
  • your passport
  • Sources of entertainment – it’s about 18 hours of travel with not a lot else going on
  • Snacks and water & some dinner money (cheaper than buying onboard/at terminals)
  • a jumper or blanket (air conditioning can get very cold)
  • a change of clothes & toiletries
  • sleeping tablets/motion-sickness tablets if you’re susceptible
  • Recommended cash of 20000thb or evidence of a ticket out of Thailand


Step 1
Lomprayah Ferry from Koh Tao to Chumphon
– 2 hours –

  • Show up 30 minutes earlier than the ferry departure time so you can exchange your booking slip for your ferry ticket without rushing. It can be very busy.
  • Get in line to board the ferry & put your sticker on. There are 2 boats and the stewards will make sure you don’t get on the wrong one if they can clearly see where you’re going.
  • Find yourself a nice place to chill – I recommend the VIP room on the upper deck. It’s only 100thb for the whole journey, there are wall sockets, bigger seats and less people.

Step 2
Bus from Chumphon to Andaman Sea
– 2.5 hours –

  • Keep walking straight through the Chumphon ferry port to where there are minibuses parked & ask for Andaman Club, someone will be sure to get you to the right bus.
  • Board the bus and buckle up for the ride.

Step 3
Speedboat to Grand Andaman Hotel, Pulo Ru
– 0.5 hours –

  • When you arrive at the Thai Port, go into the office to the departures window for processing.
  • Follow the stewards who will guide you to the speedboat or use these handy signs!
  • When you arrive in Myanmar, mind the monkeys on the beach and protect your passport!
  • Process at the arrivals desk in Myanmar. They will keep your passport and issue you a photocopy

Step 4
The Grand Andaman Hotel
– 1 hour –

  • A minibus will take you to the Grand Andaman Hotel. There’s a duty free lounge and an in-house Casino!
  • You spend less than an hour here and if you’re not lined up for the bus they will send someone in with a bell to find you!

The Return Leg:

  • The minibus will drop you back at the Myanmar desk for you to collect your passport
  • Back on the speedboat
  • Back to Thai Immigration office
  • Re-enter Thailand
  • Back in the minivan to Chumphon – arrive around 7pm.

You now have a couple of hours to spend in Chumphon where you can pick up lots of essentials at decent prices. There are shopping malls, fast food restaurants, clothes stalls and loads of street vendors to check out!

  • 9pm: back in the minivan which will take you to the night ferry
  • When you check in they will assign a bed for you
  • Settle in for a good night’s sleep!
  • Arrive back on Koh Tao around 6am

That’s it for the Andaman Club Visa Run!

Check here for updated rules regarding land-border entry limits from the Thai Embassy.

I hope you found this guide to the Andaman Visa Run useful. If you did, please share this post, like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. Your support is hugely appreciated – thank you!

Back on Koh Tao for another stunning sunset!


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