Coral bleaching: Why do I care and what can I do?

Do you want to learn more about coral, it’s value on our planet and our need to protect it? This fantastic article from Efforts Change Outcomes covers it brilliantly.
Here’s to protecting our precious oceans, and our world.

Coral Reefs
One of the most complex natural habitats currently seriously threatened by human action

King Attenborough has brought the ocean into our homes for years, most
recently the critically acclaimed Blue Planet and Blue Planet 2. They are among
the best ocean documentaries of all time, a beautifully shot and
technologically advanced series which is really the first to shine a light on
ocean documentary and capture such an audience since the messiah that is
Jacques Cousteau with his Aqua Lung.

Attenborough encapsulates the ocean in all its glory, from the wide-open ocean to the dark mysterious deep, from the haunting kelp forests to the coral reefs. Zooming in on the strange and sometimes unbelievable animals that live in the blue.

Sample Pictures images Coral Reef HD wallpaper and ...

Whether shooting Wrasse cleaning sharks teeth or filming self-medicating dolphin rubbing against gorgoniancoral, the coral reef as a whole gets a brief mention for context for the shot…

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