Paperwork & Pad Thai

Diary of a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao.

Today was a mixed bag.

It started with an Open Water course. I plopped the customer in the classroom so they could watch the first few PADI videos and answer the masterfully worded knowledge review questions.

We had every good intention of going to the pool this afternoon, but a case of potentially developing sniffles put that plan to bed. I really do hope they feel better tomorrow…

Lunchtime was a highlight (as usual). Vegetarian Pad Thai went down a treat as I bathed in my certification processing paperwork. One of the two boat boys – Shwe [my favourite] – was on land and gave me an ice-cold can of Coca Cola which topped the whole thing off.

I did get a win in the evening, too. One of my colleagues, Nicki, was unable to do the final night dive with her advanced customer and gave it to me!

Why is that a win, you ask?

Well, if you complete the last dive of any course, you become the certifying instructor!

Ten certs in the bag, baby!

My favourite snap from the snorkel boat party. Nikko diving – captured by Cate.

Additional Highlights:

  • Today was palindrome day – 02022020 – beautiful.
  • Returned after the night dive to my first home-cooked dinner in the new flat. Thank you Elle.
  • Video footage of Course Director Julian’s karaoke, from last night.
song of the day: Daphni – Yes, I Know

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