Swimming Lessons

Diary of a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao

Good news: My Open Water student was feeling better today so we could get properly stuck in to the course. Wahoo!

Bad news: Being unable to swim does pose somewhat of a problem when it comes to the prerequisite 10 minute float.

A bridge yet to cross: It may – potentially – hinder one when it comes to the essential 200 metre swim

Additional Highlights:

  • Picking up the lovely guitar I received as a kind gift from Nikos and Jess yesterday. It’s got a beautiful sound. Thank you guys – will miss you and hope to see you again in this wide world.
  • Walking up the steps from the swimming pool to see Conor – one of our MSDT candidates – representing in a Celtic jersey. Epic.
  • Found out (after the fact) that not only was yesterday’s date palindromic, it sits on a palindromic split in the year! Yesterday was the 33rd day of the year and – due to this year’s leap – there were 333 days remaining!
song of the day: Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy

Nikos and Jess, silhouetted against the sunset at Sairee Food Hub.

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