It’s the Taking Part that Counts

Diary of a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao

Confined water skills: complete!

It may have taken us 3 days to get this far, but I’m really pleased with the progress my OW student is making. From being unable to float in a comfortable manner on the first day, to swimming a full 3 metres unaided today, it’s a big relief that the progress we’ve made is tangible.

I just hope that tomorrow offers similar successes with the open water skills! Think I’ll be saving the big swim for another day though…

Tonight we headed to the Quiz Night at Goodtime Bar where (course director) Julian has been on the winning team for several weeks on the trot. As punishment, he was not allowed to compete until he fulfilled the role as quiz-master, which took place tonight!

The night sky view from our table at Goodtime, Koh Tao.

I was in a team with Elle, Shelley, Gilian, and Dave and out of about 15 teams we came 3rd which is not too shabby! I’m pretty sure we’ll be making a weekly thing out of it too so watch out Koh Tao (and Julian in particular).

Additional Highlights:

  • Massaman Curry Vegetable is only 80 baht at Simple Life. Lunchtimes have been revolutionised.
  • My student said I was a great teacher, which felt really nice.
  • I’m looking forward to my mum coming to visit in the next few weeks!
song of the day: Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer – Not Afraid (Feat. Jessica Fitoussi)

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