Under The Sea

Diary of a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao

Early rise for some fun dives this morning with my OW student and their partner. The dives to decided the fate of their certification.

What will it be – Scuba Diver or Open Water?

A shaky start on the first dive, at Japanese Gardens, subsided into a controlled second half. Breathing and buoyancy control were on point, pace was good, and general observation skills had improved greatly. It is, indeed, possible to rotate one’s head in the water!

The second dive was at Junkyard at Sairee Reef. It is so-named, due to the random array of items which have been dumped there, ranging from toilets to statues and tyres to gym equipment. It has developed as an artificial reef, with different types of coral now populating the surfaces, encouraging fish to use the area as a nesting ground.

Conduct on this dive was remarkable. Controlled, spatially aware, observant, communicative – more-so than a few advanced fun-divers I’ve seen in the water. I no longer felt a hesitation in deciding to certify them as an Open Water Diver.

It took a little time, confidence and coaching, but it resulted in well-deserved recognition of personal development for my student and, honestly, for me too.

The evening was filled with good fun and I was filled with good food.
The Sairee Food Hub was on again with its amazing stalls, variety of live music acts and contagious atmosphere. Haydon & Baden, the bosses of Simple Life, had a The Chip Shop being run by their partners, selling classic fish & chips! It was deliciously nostalgic and they sold out pretty quickly, which isn’t bad for a first attempt!

The next Sairee Food Hub will be on Friday 28th February. I would have loved to go with my mum but this coronavirus is putting a potential stop on her coming to visit. Still to be decided…

Additional Highlights:

  • The generous tip I got for taking extra time to teach my student how to swim
  • Had a video call with my Mum & Grandma this evening
  • Spontaneous phone call from my best pal Eleanor from home
  • David Lazarus performing a medley of Disney Songs at the food hub.
song of the day: Samuel E. Wright – Under The Sea


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