Taking it Easy

Diary of a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao

Ahhhhh what a lovely, lazy day. My first day off in weeks!

It started with some balcony yoga in the sun.

I followed that up with the purchase of a rice cooker and a toaster (both second hand) from Koh Tao For Sale.

I did some boring admin stuff on the computer for a while, and I almost finished my blog post on the wonderful benefits of diving. I think I’ll upload it tomorrow.

The toaster popped its first slice, which I ate, smothered in peanut butter for lunch.

I picked up some delightfully fresh vegetables from the market next door to the Blue Chair restaurant in Sairee. I made a delectable vegan stir fry and christened the rice cooker as I listened to The Slim Shady LP in its entirety. Boss.

Honestly, that’s been the extent of my day. A relaxing one I desperately needed!

Additional Highlights:

  • Chris joined me and Elle for dinner tonight
  • I ate a weird pear-slash-apple fruit that I’d like to figure out the name of, which was yummy

Additional Lowlights:

  • I have become woefully aware that the highlights of my day are almost entirely surrounding food…

song of the day: Eminem – My Name Is

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