Earl Grey and a Cinnamon Roll

Diary of a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao

Breakfast at my favourite – Zest – this morning with Giancarlo, a pal from Scotland.

We did a couple of shifts together at McChuills last year and Gian arrived on Koh Tao to do his Divemaster course a few weeks ago. It’s so good to hear a familiar accent!

We pushed his motorbike round to Pong’s this morning to have a loose connection on the ignition fixed, then headed over to Koh Tao Animal Clinic. We had planned to visit the kittens and puppies but the place was closed so we’re going to go tomorrow!

Part of our adventure today took us along the beach to Savage Hostel to check out their rooftop swimming pool! It’s really chilled out, we played a few games of pool and got chatting to a girl called Sam from Edinburgh who is on an awesome Thai adventure!

My afternoon and evening was spent grabbing some more vegetables from the local market for dinner and, most importantly, finishing my big blog post on what makes diving so incredible! I’m over the moon and really proud of it. I hope it’s a big hit. Now, to get to work on the next big post!

I decided to move on to the Marshall Mather’s LP this afternoon, continuing my Eminem trend from yesterday. However I was shocked and disappointed to find out that The Kids is not available on Spotify! There is a censored version but – seriously – what’s the point in listening to Eminem if every second word has been removed! Sort it out, Spotify.

Additional Highlights:

  • I made coleslaw today and it was a big hit

Additional Lowlights:

  • I lost 0-3 to Gian at pool…
song of the day: D12 – My Band

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