Bike Troubles?

Diary of a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao

I call on words of wisdom from my Mum, on a day like today.

“If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

– Maureen (not an original quotation)

My flatmate Elle and I decided that we would go fun-diving on the morning boat so we got up at 6.15am to head down to Simple Life. Elle is in the middle of her Instructor Development Course (IDC) and was given a day off and wanted to make the most of it.

We hopped on the same scooter (to save on fuel) and as we turned onto the main road, it was clear there was a major issue with the rear tyre. It was as flat as a pancake. Just as well we were right next to a petrol station and tyre pump. I wheeled the bike over to the guy running the shop, and asked him to fill the tyre up. “Pump no working,” he said, blunt as you like. Shit.

So without much choice, we rode the whole way to the boat with a saggy flat tyre – narrowly avoiding being overtaken by a cyclist…

Our first dive at Japanese Gardens wasn’t fantastic, the visibility was about 3 metres, though we did see a young moray eel who was on a big adventure – twisting this way and that, weaving through coral and over rocks like he was on his first journey of exploration!

On the second dive, we went to a dive site called Pottery and the vis was around 8 metres at best, a significant improvement!
We saw 8 starfish, 3 blue spotted rays, a juvenile harlequin sweetlips, a blotched porcupine fish and a wee nudibranch. Win!

A trip to the mechanic swiftly replaced the inner tube of the tyre after an unfortunate revelation that it was, technically speaking, totally f*cked.
I mean, we did take two adult human beings up and down a bunch of hills on a prolapsed wheel, so… what did we expect?

Hurrah! I started another Open Water course tonight with someone who wants to do the course quickly – they’re leaving in 2 days. Stay tuned for progress reports but I tell you now that they can already swim.

Check out today’s song of the day for the music which will accompany me attempting to squeeze out a certified open water diver in approximately 36 hours, for the first time.

I’m so glad to be busy again!

Additional Highlights:

  • I’m super grateful to our pal Chris for helping me and Elle out when we were stranded without a working scooter at the other end of the island – got us out of a right pickle!
  • I had a lot of laughs sitting at the bar with the other Instructors Isabelle, Lucas, Katja, Steve & Verena
  • Pizza from La Pizzeria for dinner was delicious
  • A wee coconut cake was waiting for me, from Elle, when I got home tonight

Additional Lowlights:

  • The sky opened and it poured for a few hours
  • The pizza didn’t last forever
song of the day: Igor Bourco’s Uralski Jazzmen – That’s A Plenty

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