Get in the Pool!

Diary of a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao

Got to the shop at 8.30am, ready to hop in the pool with my customer. It was a super efficient day! All the confined skills were done by about 3pm and we headed out on a shore dive at Sairee Beach where we spotted 2 young Harlequin Sweetlips…

With all the videos, knowledge reviews, quizzes and exams complete, and OW Dive 1 out the way, we’ve only got Dives 2, 3 & 4 to finish tomorrow morning before they student gets on the 3pm ferry. No problem.

In the evening I took part in a game of the card game ‘patience’ with a few folks at Simple Life, and was invited to the Goodtime Quiz night to pay on Julian’s team. Oh the privilege!

Aside from the awkward ‘acting’ round that I had to perform in (and boy, was it cringeworthy), it was a pretty damn good game and we took a close second place. Julian was devastated but hey – there’s always next week!

Additional Highlights:

  • Absolutely in love with Marc Rebillet who wins my song of the day. A legend at the loop machine and a hugely talented, equally controversial artist. Thank you to my pal Michael for introducing his music to me, just before I left for Thailand! Check out the video below for an amazing live performance!

song of the day: Marc Rebillet – Summertime

Marc Rebillet – In The Summer performed live on Youtube


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