The Heavens Opened

Diary of a Scuba Instructor on Koh Tao

Finally, a day full of rain! Koh Tao has been in dire need of a proper downpour to replenish the water stores. Hopefully today’s massive floods will have helped a bit.

I spent 90% of my day lying on the couch doing Duolingo, fixing all my past Log Book Posts and cooking/eating a mix of mad vegetables that I’d picked up from the market during a lull in the rainfall.

I also took a run down to Simple Life to sort out a bit of paperwork, to be greeted by the dazed and soggy faces of all the Instructor Candidates. They had finished the first hurdle of theory exams for the Instructor Exam and were preparing for their confined pool presentations later in the afternoon. Bless them, I remember when that was me, not that long ago! Tomorrow takes them to the classroom in the morning, and into the open water in the afternoon and then… it’s all over!

Additional Highlights:

  • It turns out that my flatmate Elle received the exact same IE Skills and Classroom Presentations as I did! What a fortunate fluke!
  • We opened a pack of Percy Pigs that had been hidden in Elle’s luggage since she arrived on Koh Tao

song of the day: MF DOOM, DJ Cucumber Slice – Rhymes Like Dimes


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