Peas & Carrots

Life as a Scuba Instructor on Koh Tao

Today was the big day for the candidates sitting their PADI Instructor Exam! I’m pleased to write – with a massive sigh of relief and some well earned pats on backs – that they all passed! And as I sit and write this in my sober state, they’re all away out celebrating their hard earned wins – and rightly so!

I’ve had a pretty melancholic day, keeping myself in out of the rain. Thanks to my friend Chris and his knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, I’ve spent a fair whack of the day attempting to fine tune the blog. Wow! It’s a massive, never-ending task… thank goodness I actually care about what I’m doing here!

I have introduced a new Music Page [yeah, I know it’s a dive and travel blog, but I did say I was a bit creative. Sue me]. I look forward to building content there for those of you who are taken by the songs of the day and want a source of eclectic music to inspire you on your own audio journeys.

I’ve always been a fan of Spotify for sourcing music, but I realise it’s not the medium for everyone. If I find time in my ever-expanding to-do list I’ll maybe transpose some of the content into Youtube playlists. I wouldn’t hold your breath for that, though!

I want to wish a very happy 30th birthday to my long, lost friend. May your future be filled with peace, love, peas & carrots.

song of the day: Neil Young, Crazy Horse – Pocahontas


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