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Diary of a Scuba Instructor on Koh Tao

This morning, Elle and I went to Simple Life for 9.30am. I am starting on the work for my Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Specialties and about 8 of us had a classroom session planned for this morning… which I bailed on due to the arrival of a new student. It all worked out though as we would have had some odd numbers on the course. Everything happens for a reason, right?

A prime example of this is the scuba review I conducted today, which I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to do.
I went on two dives, one for the review (and I came up all blotchy and patchy… go urticaria), and one was a fun dive with that same student.

Miraculously, I emerged from the second dive with no rash. Go figure!

Today’s ultimate highlight was the amazing evening I spent with Tanya, a friend from New York. We went to P. Oy’s restaurant over towards the South end of the island and the food was incredible! Following that, we tried to walk off all the food with a stroll along Sairee Beach and some (more food) homemade ice-cream from PermPoon Ice-Cream Parlour.

We sat for about 2 hours at the Lotus Bar Fire Show on Sairee Beach and, honestly, I felt like a kid again. I have never seen anything so mesmerising in my life. These guys are ridiculously talented – the show involved acrobatics, slack-lines, human pyramids, balancing acts and all sorts. It was such a pleasure to watch and it is on every, single night. I’m going to go make friends with them and then maybe they’ll let me play with the fire too!

Dive Into Travelling Instagram post at the Lotus Bar Koh Tao fire show

It just wouldn’t be a night out in Thailand without this song:


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