The Arrival

Diary of a Scuba Instructor on Koh Tao

I must offer my apologies as I missed a day in the Log Book!

However, in my defence, my Mum has finally arrived on Koh Tao and I think that might constitute an excuse for a pass.

Yesterday I finished off an advanced course in the morning and had a relaxing afternoon.

I met up with Tanya for dinner at Babo Sushi to celebrate her last day on the island. The dinner didn’t materialise as they literally had nothing available from the menu, so we went across the road to Samosa and enjoyed some Thai food there instead.

We ventured to our new favourite place – Lotus Bar – and enjoyed the fire show. We have become quite friendly with the fire-benders [yes, I am absolutely referencing Avatar: The Last Air-Bender] and spent a bit of time finding out about their stories and lives.

We stayed pretty late and after parting ways that night, I got myself a solid 3.5 hours sleep.

Cut to today: I rose at 5.50am to get my butt to the pier to meet my Mum off the night boat from Surat Thani. It was delayed and I could have slept for an extra 30 mins but let’s be real – that wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference to my exhaustion levels.

We arrived at my house and had a few cups of Twinings Breakfast Tea (that my mum so kindly brought with her) before taking a walk to Zest Sairee for a proper breakfast.

A stroll along the beach at high tide led us to Simple Life for a game of pool and to meet some of my friends. It was short-lived due to our impending zombification and we found ourselves home and taking a 4 hour nap before lunchtime.

The evening saw us down at Goodtime Bar for the quiz night where we came a miraculous 7th place or something equally pish. Mum’s getting sacked as medical expert after not remembering that Swine Flu’s actual name is H1N1.

As punishment, I forced her to attend the fire-show for 20 minutes and we arrived just in time for Jack to do his tightrope-walking skills. I think it’s fair to say my Mum was equally impressed and mesmerised by those guys. I’m definitely not unhealthily obsessed…

Additional Highlights:

  • Zach performed in the 20-odd person knockout charades rounds and won it for us with some Oscar-worthy performances!
  • A meeting at Simple Life this afternoon with PADI proved interesting (and involved free drinks).

Shelley, Zach, Mum & Elle at the Goodtime Quiz this evening. We should have won.

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