The Factory Cafe

Diary of a Scuba Instructor on Koh Tao

Morning balcony yoga is my favourite way to start the day!

Mum and I took a walk up to The Factory Cafe for brunch today. What a gorgeous place! Stunning aesthetic with an urban industrial feel to it, featuring loads of gorgeous plant-life. My favourite kind of place!

Interior of The Factory Cafe, Koh Tao

Vegan and vegetarian focussed, their menu is a delight of colours and flavours. We decided to share a smoothie bowl, I had scrambled tofu and mum had a baked eggs dish. Everything was utterly delicious and served with a smile! I sense a blog post incoming about this place…

Mum’s got a bit of a cold [no need to panic…] so she took a lie down during the afternoon and I ran a couple of errands and spent some time on the blog. I’m developing the Music section at the moment and hope my crazy, eclectic playlists might inspire a few folk on to new audio journeys!

We took a sunset stroll along the beach to Maya Bar and back to Duck 995 for dinner. It may seem a bit odd that I go to a duck specialty restaurant but they do some delicious and cheap vegan noodle dishes that go down a treat. We followed that with a massive portion of mango sticky rice each (next time, we share) and allowed it all to digest down at the Lotus Bar with some of the best entertainment around!

song of the day: Fatboy Slim – Put It Back Together (Feat. Damon Albarn)

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