Diary of a Scuba Instructor on Koh Tao

Up before the sunrise today, I was hoping to go diving with my Mum and some fun divers today. Unfortunately, this cold she’s been plagued with has made diving impossible.

I was with a group of 4 today, and we started with a drop-off dive at Red Rock, leading round to Japanese Gardens. It was quite a nice dive, with a really cool swim-through. We then dived the HTMS Sattakut wreck and took a swing round to Hin Pee Wee towards the end.

The afternoon was pretty chilled and Mum & I planned some of our travel over the next week before I head back to Glasgow for a month. We’re venturing to Khao Sok National Park to check out some stuff around the area. The plan was to spend a few days in Bangkok before our departing flight, but Mum’s spent some time reading up on the coronavirus (she is a doctor, after all) and thinks that doing a lot of enclosed space [bus/train] travel is not such a great idea when a highly contagious virus is on the rise.

Instead, we will take it easy round mainland Thailand and hope for the best on our return flights from Bangkok.

Mum, Elle and I went to Barracuda Rooftop Bar and Restaurant at the top end of the walking path for dinner this evening. It’s absolutely gorgeous and has the most delicious platters and tapas available which we thoroughly enjoyed, not to mention happy hour from 4-8pm!

After stuffing our faces, we all walked back to the house and I headed out to Goodtime Bar to say bye to my lovely friend Grace, the karaoke queen. What a performer! It was a great laugh and I’ll be sure to head back and live it up big style for you when you’re not there.

By sheer coincidence (as I selected it 3 days ago), Grace covered today’s chosen song of the day, and I also received the following message from my friend Andie in Scotland about the exact same song:

So crazy, I was in a pub the other day and heard that Lizzo song that always reminds me of you. Inspired me to message you!

Andie – Scotland

So, this one here is to all of you,
Incredible friends of old and new,
To those long lasting or recently gained,
and even to you, where our connection has waned.
We're building our lives, unique and by day,
Time passing us by, where'er we stay.
And though we might no longer spend time together
The memories we've made will last us forever.

A Spur of the Moment Poem by Jen

song of the day: Lizzo – Juice

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