Secret Beach

Diary of a Scuba Instructor on holiday on Koh Pha Ngan

I actually slept until about 8.30am this morning, which is a long lie for me! We lazed around and wandered up to the bar at Sarana Bungalows for a healthy breakfast – smoothie bowls!

No spider plants were consumed in the taking of this photograph:

Sarana Smoothie Bowls are absolutely delicious!

After enjoying our breakfast with a decent cup of tea, we ordered a scooter and set about planning our day.

I think both of us were a little nervous, but taking my Mum on the scooter turned out alright! We planned our trip to Secret Beach and got our ride on, all the way to a completely different location – Salad Beach. I assure you, I’m a better scooter driver than I am map reader…

After a dip in the sea, a read of my book (The Celestine Prophecy… I found it somewhere, the blurb fits with my hippie spiritual take on human existence, so I’m giving it a go) and a cloud-blocked sunbathe later, we took a ride to Secret Beach – successfully, this time.

We shared some food at the Secret Beach Bar – a mediterranean salad and veggie burger, both of which I quite enjoyed.

Secret Beach Bar chalkboard menu, Koh Pha Ngan

It was a lovely place to chill out and I highly recommend visiting this cute little beach if you get a chance.

Just before sunset, I took part in a Vinyasa Yoga class at Sarana Bungalows with the fabulous instructor Elena. It left me feeling absolutely fantastic and inspired me to keep up with my practice!

Mum and I took a short ride out to the night market and chowed down on some fried sticky rice, a coconut shake, and perused all the interesting stalls. Thai green curry and some fried cashew vegetable later, we’re back and ready for bed!

Tomorrow involves about 7 hours of travel to Khao Sok National Park… I’ll keep you posted!

song of the day: Ghostface Killah, RZA, Saian Supa Crew – Saian

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