Baan Ton Mai Treehouse Cafe

Diary of a Scuba Instructor on holiday in Klong Muang, Krabi

Today is the last full day that Mum and I have in Thailand…

For breakfast, we took a little drive out to Baan Ton Mai Cafe which was a lovely treehouse style restaurant between Ao Nang and Klong Muang.

It was definitely worth the visit for the incredible work that had gone into the place, but sadly the food was nothing to write home about. I was also pretty disappointed that such a natural looking restaurant served its drinks in plastic cups…

Disappointed that all drinks were served in plastic cups at Baan Ton Mai Cafe, Krabi

We then drove out to another part of Klong Muang beach for a dip in the sea and some beachside relaxation. I may have taken in a bit too much sun, between the bathing and the motorbike rides, but at least I got an Instagram worthy shot out of it.

Dive Into Travelling Instagram

We flew from Krabi to Bangkok this evening and have an overnight stay in a nearby hotel before our flight to London tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a long and boring day of travel, but tomorrow night’s update will be coming to your from the other side of the world!

song of the day: Matthew Halsall – Cherry Blossom

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