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Coral bleaching: Why do I care and what can I do?

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Coral ReefsOne of the most complex natural habitats currently seriously threatened by human action King Attenborough has brought the ocean into our homes for years, most recently the critically acclaimed Blue Planet and Blue Planet 2. They are among the best ocean documentaries of all time, a beautifully shot and technologically advanced series which…

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List of PADI Courses | Learning Journey

Which PADI Course is Right for You? What are the PADI courses and skill levels? Here’s an almost exhaustive list of PADI courses & programs. Use these handy links to jump to relevant sections to find what you’re looking for. Open Water Courses Adventure Dives Specialty Diver Courses Additional Courses & Programs Courses for Kids PADI Pro Courses PADI have an extensive list of available courses, programs and specialties which can be altered and updated at any time. Stay tuned for updates & more information on PADI Technical & Freediving Courses. PADI Professional Courses This is it! The professional ladder! If this is on your agenda, please get in touch to discuss tailor-made packages and internships so you can make the most of your journey to educational excellence! DivemasterSpend your days diving and guiding people around local dive sites. Complete a variety of exercises and dives to test your fitness, patience and demonstration skills! Assistant InstructorConduct a variety of courses independently, and more under the supervision of an Instructor. Carry out some specialty teaching and inspire your students! Open Water Scuba InstructorTeach everything from Bubblemaker right through to Divemaster! Share your passion for diving, skill mastery and extensive knowledge to educate a new league of divers. Master Scuba Diver TrainerLearn to teach a minimum of 5 specialties and complete at least 25 certifications to reach the status of MSDT! Keep going and you could become… an IDC Staff Instructor a […]

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Chasing Coral

I spent my most recent Monday public holiday doing a variety of bits and bobs around the house, in an attempt to organise my move to Thailand this September. I’m heading there to pursue a career in SCUBA diving by learning to be a dive instructor, but I’ll say more about that later. For now, I just want to share […]

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